Peace Corps Uganda Blogs

Now many of the current Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda have been keeping blogs as well. My blog and vlog only represent a small part of my story, but together with the other blogs kept by volunteers in-country, we can share a much larger picture of our time spent here and the wide variety of viewpoints and experiences that we will all have. I’ve already been told stories about current volunteers coaching the National Ugandan Lacrosse Team or a guy who has his own segment on a Ugandan Radio Station. We are all able to integrate in our own way, and here are some other stories from all of us trying to share our stories with everyone around the world.

Current PCV Blogs:

Jennifer Alford –

Jessica Ann –

David Ayers –

Paul Benz –

Emily Brincka (COS’d) –

Heidi Bryson –

Molly Burg –

Rachel Ceruti –

Eric Chu –

Emily Cobbs –

Ray Cohen –

Stephanie Cole –

Sarah Cretcher (COS’d) –

Josh Cruz –

Linda Fanning –

Stephanie Feller –

Rachel Gomes (COS’d) –

Allison Grace –

Caitlin Haden (COS’d) –

Cindy Handle –

Jamie Holland –

Mary Jameson –

Tahrima Khanom –

Kate Roesch –

James Lilley –

Julia Lingham (COS’d) –

Hannah Long –

Jenna Marcotte –

Tara Matthews (COS’d) –

Sandy Mattison –

Kate Miller –

Elyse Painter –

Kelsey Ann Sabo –

Ravi Sahai –

Christy Scott –

Olivia Smith –

Michael Sophocles –

Vanessa Soto –

Alaina Wayland –

Katelyn Wigmore –

Andre Wolff –

*Note: COS’d means that the blogger has finished his or her Peace Corps service and is no longer a PCV in Uganda.

One thought on “Peace Corps Uganda Blogs

  1. As an invitee for Uganda, leaving in November, thank you SO MUCH for this jackpot of current information about what I am getting myself into. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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