In addition to this blog, I am also keeping a Youtube Channel Vlog chronicling my experiences in the Peace Corps here in Uganda. I hope to have normal videos, as well as segments on the food, music, and culture. Feel free to share these videos and to subscribe to my channel and message me for suggestions or collaborations between my work here and any projects ideas that you may have.

Video Projects

#0 Pre-Departure

#1 Plane Flight

Luteete PTC Part 1

Luteete PTC Part 2

Kamurasi Malaria Day Event

Wanyange PTC Science Teaching Fair

Kabukunge PTC Science Fair

St. Augustine’s Butiiti Stove Installation

Bike Ride to Fort Portal Part 1

Bike Ride to Fort Portal Part 2

Nakaseke IT Camp

People of Uganda

Elsie Deborah – Teaching, Art, and Religion

Kulika Music Video

Education Volunteers Fall 2013

Jinja Music Video

Mid-Service Conference Music Video


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